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Heritages and Museums

Museo Santuarios Andinos– Museum showcasing the frozen mummy of “Juanita,” who was sacrificed in the Andes in 1500s. Address: La Merced, Arequipa, Peru

Museo de Arte Virreinal de Santa Teresa was founded in 1710, and since then it has remained alive, housing a community of contemplative nuns. In its more than 300 years of existence, the Monastery has been treasuring paintings…

The Casa Museo Mario Vargas Llosa , which shows the life of the writer who won the Nobel Prize for Literature 2010 , received about 60 visitors on the first day of his reopening.

Contemporary Art Museum– It was founded in 1995 from the patronage of the Mayor and the donation of 100 works by local artists by collector Dr. Luis Rivera Dávalos. It currently has more than 280 works owned by renowned local artists and abroad.

Casa del Moral– An eighteenth century house, constituting one of the oldest and most important architectural monuments from the Arequipa Baroque period. The house owes its name to an ancient blackberry tree that grows in its main patio.

Goyeneche Palace– Goyeneche Palace or Casa Goyeneche is a 17th-century manorial house in the city of Arequipa, Peru. It attracts tourists interested in observing colonial architecture in Peru. Opening hours: Monday — Friday: 9:15 am – 1 pm / 2 pm – 3 pm

The Monastery of Saint Catherine is a monastery of nuns of the Dominican Second Order, located in Arequipa, Peru.

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The Basilica Cathedral of Arequipa is located in the “Plaza de Armas” of the city of Arequipa, province of Arequipa, Peru.

The   Church of the Company is one of the many churches located in the Historic Center of Arequipa , located between the Portal of the Municipality and the Portal de Flores. Address: General Móran 114, Arequipa, Peru

Historic Centre of Arequipa– In December 2000, UNESCO declared the historical center of Arequipa a World Heritage Site, stating the following: “The historical center of Arequipa is an example of ornamented architecture…